Different organizations will have different Curriculum Vitae (CV) formats but the purpose of having a CV is the same for all organizations. It is to tell an employer about you. Its importance is your CV is your opportunity to tell a potential employer about yourself. Employers use CVs to decide who they will interview and who they will not interview and therefore it is very important to have a well presented CV that contains things that will convince the Solomon Islands or Honiara Jobs employer that you are the best person for a job.CV Curriculum Vitae - Honiara Jobs


Despite how different their formats are here is a list of standard things that you must have on your CV.


  1. Personal Details – This includes things like home address, telephone number/mobile number, email, marital status, date of birth and etc.

  2. Career Objective – This describes your motive for a job. This statement helps employers determine whether your goal is in line with their organization and position available.

  3. Skills, experience and personal attributes – skills and personal attributes would be things like a good communicator, team player, your commitment and enthusiasm, your leadership skills, attention to detail, people skills and ect. Your experience is what you have done in the past to show the employer that you have got those skills mentioned. Employers would look more closely at your skills, experience and personal attributes to match that with the duties and responsibilities of their vacant job.

  4. Education – Your qualifications and other trainings you have done. Put the most recent first and work your way down to the oldest. Very important you do not lie about your qualifications.

  5. Employment history – This includes dates of employment, title of the job you have held, employer’s name, your responsibilities and your achievements starting from the most recent to the oldest. For responsibilities and achievements employers would like to see a list of duties and tasks you have performed. For achievements it should not be a list of duties but what achievements came from performing those duties or going beyond the duties. Also it is important to mention other relevant activities you have done like community service work, youth group leader, awareness group leader, etc.

  6. Referees – A reference page makes you look more professional, organized and serious about your job search. It ultimately helps you present yourself in the best possible light and demonstrates that you are a candidate that should be taken seriously.


CV Templates for Solomon Islands and Honiara Jobs

Here are three Curriculum Vitae (CV) templates that contain all the standard requirements for a CV that you can use to properly format and layout your CV.

New graduate CV template is for those that have just graduated from a college or university. Download here.

School Lever CV template is for those that have just completed high school. Download here.

Experienced CV template is for those that have got work experience already and have worked with different organizations for a number of years already. Download here.

Best of luck with success winning Solomon Islands or Honiara Jobs!

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