Job Advertising

The most effective way of advertising jobs is through Pasifiki HR. We...
• Post the job on our website
• Email a summary of the job to hundreds of active job-seekers.
• Advertise the job on Facebook and can triple the reach through targeted boosting
• Keep watch of how many people view your job

a one-off cost of $550 SBD for BASIC and $990 SBD for BOOSTED, we also offer discounts for multiple job postings.

Source & Supply Employees

Pasifiki HR can find an employee for you, and then put them in your office. Whether you want to hire someone for a single day, or for many years, Pasifiki HR can assist
• We find an employee for you
• We hire the employee, contracting them on your behalf and supply them to you
• We manage payroll, NPF, HCC payments and tax

These are calculated as a % of the fortnightly pay of the employee. These are variable, depending on
• The number of employees you seek
• The period you are employing them for
Feel free to contact Pasifiki HR for a quote.

Referral Service

Pasifiki HR can find potential employees for you. We...
• Search our job-seeker database
• Advertise on our website and through our noticeboards
• Dialogue with industry training organisations, and industry groups
• Contact potential applicants and ensure they are interested in the position
• Conduct background checks
• Conduct diagnostic testing on applicants, checking their literacy and numeracy skills
• Send you through CVs and contact details of qualified applicants for your job

Costs (10%)
• $500 administration fee
• A one-off fee, equivalent to 5% of the employee’s gross total package, paid when you hire the staff member
• A one-off fee, equivalent to 5% of the employee’s gross total package after the employee finishes their probationary 3-month period.

Full Recruitment

If you are unsure about the process of hiring a new person, Pasifiki HR can help you through the whole process. Pasifiki HR can
• Assist you to create the job description
• Arrange to advertise the job on your behalf
• Collect applicants
• Discuss the strengths of applicants
• Make recommendations around short-listing of applicants
• Contact short-listed candidates to arrange interviews
• Contact unsuccessful applicants
• Perform reference checks
• Conduct diagnostic testing
• Sit on the interview panel alongside your staff
• Make a written recommendation to your staff about a preferred candidate

Costs (15%)
• $500 SBD administration fee
• A one-off fee, equivalent to 5% of the employee’s gross annual package, paid when a short-list of suitable applicants is produced
• A one-off fee, equivalent to 5% of the employee’s gross annual package, paid when you hire the staff member
• A one-off fee, equivalent to 5% of the employee’s gross annual package after the employee finishes their probationary 3 month period.


Many businesses choose not to manage the payroll of their own staff. Why? Payroll can be confusing as you learn about NPF payments, tax, calculating leave, pay slips and Honiara City Council rates. International organisations often prefer to direct 100% of their energy to the work they are doing here in the Solomon Islands – passing payroll over to another company. For local businesses, outsourcing payroll is a good way to save costs: instead of hiring a finance manager, hand the payroll over to a competent company. Pasifiki HR can assist by managing payroll for you.

For this service, we
• Pay your staff on time
• Manage all tax payments
• Manage NPF and HCC payments
• Calculate leave entitlements
• Produce payslips for employees that are transparent and easy to follow
• Bill clients every fortnight. One, simple payment.

• Costs vary for this service, depending on the number of staff you have and the length of time they are placed on the payroll.
• Please contact Pasifiki HR, who will provide a quote.

Diagnostic Testing

Having a literate, numerate employee is valuable. Employees who can communicate well and who think clearly add value to businesses. On their own, job interviews do not give enough information about job candidates. Pasifiki HR can test either job applicants or current employees. We will present you with a written report for each employee, detailing their strengths and areas for improvement.

Pasifiki HR has constructed diagnostic tests for literacy and numeracy. These tests focus on skills such as:
• Comprehending ideas in texts
• Inference (reading between the lines)
• Knowledge of syntax (word-order when writing)
• Ability to discuss concepts in a structured way
• Mathematical ability

• $300 SBD to test one candidate’s literacy skills
• $300 SBD to test one candidate’s numeracy skills
• $500 SBD to test both – numeracy and literacy

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